The most dangerous animals on the planet

In the world there are animals that can kill thousands of humans each year, either instantly or through the transmission of deadly diseases. If you want to know what the most dangerous animals on the planet, please continue reading.

1. Mosquito

How have you been? You did not know before, you're probably quite surprised, but this is totally true. The mosquito is undoubtedly the most dangerous animal in the world. This small insect, which is very common in many parts of the world, is the reason of more than half a million human deaths annually. This is due to such dangerous diseases that can be transmitted, such as known malaria (transmitted by the mosquito Anopheles).

2. Snake

most dangerous snake animals

The snake is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Every year, this reptile kills 100,000 people. Not all snakes are poisonous. In fact, of the 3,000 species of wild snakes out there, fewer than 500 species of snakes are. As many of you will know, the snake introduces harmful or even lethal toxins to humans through a bite. These toxins weaken their prey, as they gradually remain immobile to death. Then, he digests his victim. Another way the snakes have to catch prey is by strangulation. The snake wraps itself around the victim's neck and then squeezes hard, until the snake is suffocated to death.


3. Dogs

Husky the most dangerous animals

I have already spoken several times of the dog, so much to say that is one of the most common pets to make a top on which are the best dogs you can have as a pet. But aside from having a friendly side, it's also true that dogs kill around 25,000 people annually through the transmission of rabies, por eso los pongo entre los animales más peligrosos. La rabia es transmitida normalmente a través de la saliva que entra en tu cuerpo cuando un animal que la posee te muerde. Por esta razón, debemos tener a nuestras mascotas vacunadas contra esta terrible enfermedad. Si no lo hacemos nos ponemos en peligro a nosotros mismo y a las personas que tengan contacto con nuestras mascotas.

4. The Killer Bed Bug

Bedbug killer the most dangerous animals

Another of the most deadly animals in the world are the killer bug is an insect of approximately 4 cm, which is responsible for 10,000 human deaths annually. They usually feed on several insects of roughly their size. These animals trap their prey by alighting on them and transmitting their saliva through a stinger, which has enzymes that disintegrate not very resistant parts of the prey, which they then absorb. It is a transporter to Chagas disease, which is responsible for killing so many humans a year.

5. Crocodile

Crocodile the most dangerous animals

The crocodile is one of the wild animals which has no predator (except in particular cases, but very few). This animal feeds on any living being, from small animals to mammals, such as zebras and horses. It is one of the deadliest animals in the world, producing a 1000 annual human deaths. To hunt their prey, these clever predators bite their prey and roll over their own body, breaking the bones and other parts of the skeleton, so the prey ends up completely destroyed and motionless. Another way to hunt is to dive underwater to be not discovered by your selected victim. Then, they dive until they are just below their prey. When they see that they are, they jump and grab the prey with their strong jaws. Finally they sunmerge the prey in the water until it finally dies of asphyxiation.

The most dangerous animals on the planet
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The most dangerous animals on the planet
Top de los animales más peligrosos del planeta
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