Endangered animals did not know before.

There are many animals that either by natural causes or by human fault, have greatly reduced their number of specimens. These animals, in some occasions, become endangered animals. In this article I will talk to you about endangered animals of which not much is said, so you may not even know them:

1. Axolot


Axolot is an animal species endemic to Mexico that at first glance we can remember a salamander. Only it found in Mexico. It differs from the salamander gills. This animal is able to regenerate limbs. Is endangered because illegally traded with them, pollution in the areas where they live and the introduction of external agents in their habitat.

2. Gavial of Ganges

Another endangered animal is the gavial of Ganges. Es un caimán que suele habitar en ríos con mucha arena y con corriente rápida e impetuosa. Una de las características más notables de esta especie en peligro de extinción es su hocico, que es muy largo y delgado. Algunos de los motivos por los que el gavial del Ganges está en peligro de extinción son: La subutilización del agua de los ríos hace que estos animales se queden sin agua para vivir y sean devorador por depredadores terrestres. Mueren muchos ejemplares de esta especie atrapados en instrumentos de pesca. Las aguas donde se encuentran están siendo cada vez más contaminadas y al ser tragadas por ellos producen su muerte.

3. Irrawaddy River Dolphin

Delfin del rio Irrawaddy saltando
Image credits to: www.medioambiente.net

Well, Irrawaddy River Dolphin " It is characterized by a small peak and its curved front. According to (WWF) inhabit the Mekong River Cambodia. His species is threatened with extinction due to overfishing, mortality of young species and water pollution. This species is growing again since the last two years. Are approximately 80 copies.

4. Gooty Spider

Poecilotheria metallica

" Gooty Araña " is a tarantula found in India and the Paraguaná Peninsula. It is a clear example of animals in danger of extinction, due to the fact that the number of specimens is decreasing due to massive logging in the forests of India where it lives, due to overgrazing, and due to the fact that it is very sought after to be sold illegally to collectors as a pet. Currently the number of specimens is not known.

5. Kakapo

Image credits to: www.iucnredlist.org

And finally, we have one of the most incredible species and rare animals. The Kakapo " is undoubtedly the fattest parrot in the world. It can weigh more than 2 kilos. It is endemic to New Zealand and its population is declining due to fungal diseases and the introduction of invasive species into its habitat. Thanks to the help that we are providing to the kakapo its number of specimens has tripled and right now there are approximately 150 Kkpos. Still, we must continue watching them both them and their habitat because it remains one of the endangered animals.


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