The best shade plants for your garden

"Shade plants" is the term attributed to plants that do not need direct sunlight for their growth.These are ideal for a garden or a house where the sun's rays are not very abundant or do not fall strongly in the place where you plan to put your plants. In this article I will tell you which are, in my opinion, the best shade plants for your garden.

1. Camellias

Camellias are plants originated in the Asian continent. These flowers are plants of shadows very common to see since they are of the most used nowadays. They can grow throughout the year and there are many different varieties. Its abundant leaves are pointed and bright dark green. Its leaves can be white, pink and red. In addition, camellias are one of the many aromatic and medicinal plantsas it is used to make the well-known "green tea". Green tea is used for headaches, as a stimulant, etc...

2. Azaleas

Its origin comes from Europe, Japan and America. Azaleas are perennial plants that have beautiful flowers (orange, red, pink, etc...) and this plant is widely used at Christmas time. Azaleas should be cared for in not very hot and humid environments. The best planting seasons are in spring and autumn (sometimes they can also grow in winter). The only thing they need is to be in places where with semi-shade (where the sun shines, but not directly) and water it regularly (If possible, it should be rainwater).

3. Hebe

hebe shade plants

Hebe is another example of shade plants. The name Hebe comes from the Greek and means "Goddess of Youth". It was Originated from New Zealand. Its brushed lilac flowers can decorate any place in a unique way and its unmistakable smell can give a different touch to any place. Its species has different varieties, some of which need sun and others can live in semi shadows. They do not grow at a certain time of year, as it can vary depending on environmental conditions. We must water them in a normal way (neither scarce nor excessively) and we must protect them from the strong frosts.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine shade plants

Jasmine It is one of the most appropriate shade plants in a garden to have low light. They stand up well in cold, but at times of heavy frost should safekeeping. They are also the most commonly used today in gardens parts of the world, as it can get to decorate well as characteristic odor and transmitting makes it a unique plant. If you are concerned about the lack of time to care for a plant, this is your best option since only need watering once or twice a week.

5. Diefembaquia

dieffenbachia shade plants

Dieffenbachia is found in the Brazilian tropical forests and can withstand up to 5ºC. There are about 20 varieties of this plant. They share the characteristic that their leaves are very long and end in point, but the spots on their leaves vary depending on the variety. The only drawback of this plant is that it is toxic, so we must work with them in the right conditions and maintain the strength of the reach of children. Among the varieties that are usually marketed: Dieffenbachia picta, Dieffenbachia tropic, Dieffenbachia Camila and Tropic Snow.

The best shade plants for your garden
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The best shade plants for your garden
Top de las mejores plantas de sombra para tu jardín
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