5 exotic foods in the world you won't want to try

Gastronomy can leave you amazed at any moment. There are foods you just see them try and feel like more than just doing it once. However, there are others that are sure to observe that it will not be the best idea. In this article we will talk about 5 exotic foods in the world you won't want to try.

Fried tarantula

Tarantula frita la comida mas asquerosa del mundo

Si eres aracnofóbico probablemente este no sea tu plato favorito (y si no lo eres tampoco creo que te saque una sonrisa). Por el simple hecho de tener que ingerir arañas, esta es considerada por muchos una de las comidas exóticas del mundo más repugnantes. Sin embargo, este plato es considerado una delicia en Camboya, el país de donde proviene esta exotic food. In Cambodian cities like Skuon, it is very easy to find on the street stalls selling fried tarantulas. Recipe fried tarantula is very easy. Simplemente habrá que freírla junto a ajo frito hasta que sus extremidades se vuelvan rígidas.


Balut comidas exóticas del mundo
Image credits to: https://www.foodandbeyond.com
Balut image

Well, Balut " es un manjar asiático y aunque al principio su aspecto te parezca asqueroso, te puedo asegurar que muchos han quedado asombrados por el sabor de este singular plato. Además, esta extraña comida tiene una gran cantidad de proteínas. Balut is cooking a duck egg fertilized above. The egg is allowed to incubate around half a month, which is the time it takes for the duck fetus you need to develop to be eaten. After it is baked in boiled water for half an hour and after the time it is removed and is expected to cool. Then the egg shell is broken. Before eating you can have salt, vinegar or other spices to enhance flavor.


Sheep Eyeball Juice

Jugo de ojo de oveja comidas exóticas del mundo
(Photo Jonathan NACK BEACH / AFP)

Well, Sheep Eyeball Juice " is another clear example of exotic foods in the world. It is a dish from Mongolia and is used as a remedy for hangovers. Be extravagant dish is prepared with the eye of a preserved sheep, vinegar and tomato juice. All this is put into a glass and then drink directly. This meal so rare is another stomach-churning you nothing larger image, so you should never drink more of the account there unless you are eager to try this exotic Mongolian dish.

ancient egg

Image credits to: https://kitchencommunity.wordpress.com
Image of a ancient egg

This food is known as "century egg" or " millennial egg or .This exotic dish is a delight and very common Chinese restaurants in the country. It is preparing retaining a duck egg, chicken or quail lime mud, rice and other materials. Dragon eggs are not recommended to consume them alone, because they did not appease us. The ancient egg is often consumed with other foods like soy sauce.


Roasted face

Rostro asados comidas exóticas del mundo
Image credits to: http://chasqi.blogspot.com
Roast face image

Well, Roasted face " It is a very typical kitchen Oruro (Bolivia) plate. It consists of slaughter a lamb and then clean and wash with boiled water head and mouth (It is recommended to do so with the help of a brush, especially when cleaning the inside of the mouth). Then this must sprinkle with salt and put it in the oven in a water source until cooked. Then it served directly on the plate. This strange food is usually eaten with bread and is served with potatoes or salad. Usually it served in the Oruro's Carnival dish main course.


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