The most common pets

More than half of society has a pet or a pet at home. Having a partner with them at home makes your day to day it much more fun and entertaining. In this article I will show some of the most common animals companies.

What are pets? Pets are those that man is able to tame and have to live with them.

1. Cat

Well, Cats" are companies more common animals, even more than the dogs. We must try to have a good relationship with them and be aware of their behavior. If we don't give them the right education, they can end up destroying the house (for example, scratching doors or other furniture). But once educated and confident in us, the only thing that makes them fata is food, water and their toys. In addition, cats can help us in times of depression and anxiety or to get a better night's sleep. Cats are undoubtedly the best of the pets we can have in our home.

2. Dog

Women taking dog

I've already written about dogs en otro de mis artículos (si quieres verlo haz click aqui), but I have to mention them again in this one, because who doesn't have a companion dog or know someone who does? The dog is one of the most special pets for a home. It gives you a love that does not equal any other type of animal. You can also have fun with it. The bad thing about having a dog is that it needs great attention (since you need to spend time with him so that he can gain confidence in you, so that you can take him out three or four times a day, etc.), and there are many people who don't have enough time to be with him. But if you get enough time to take care of him, you'll get an inseparable friend.

3. Fish


Well, Fishes " are a very good choice of pet if what you want is tranquility. A fish makes no noise, the most you can hear are the bubbles that form. On the other hand you will not have to collect waste, the only thing you will have to do with them is clean the fish tank and change the water. You don't have to be by their side all day either, since they interact with other fish, not with people. In addition, it is one of the domestic animals that children like it and that more cheaper is to take care of.

4. Birds

Parrots in cage

It is also very common to have birds as companion animals. It is an animal that occupies very little space or does not need excessive care, and some of their species are very intelligent. since they can get out of the cage and not escape, but land on people's shoulders, fly around the house, etc ... and then get themselves alone in their cage. Some others, like parrots, can talk repeating what you tell them.

5. Small mammals

hamster cage

Well, Small mammals " are a very good choice to have as a companion animal, since do not need a space as large as other animals (depending on the rodent, you will need a larger or smaller cage, hay, and a hut or cave to shelter in). They are easy to care for and some of them can become quite intelligent and playful. Also, if you strive to have a good relationship with these animals, you can get a great friend.

The most common pets
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The most common pets
Los animales de compañía más comunes 1. Gato 2. Perro 3. Peces
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