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What is web development?

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We can define web development as the programming of the set of lines of code that allows the creation of pages or web apps. Thanks to web development it is possible to make a web page fast, with a pleasant design to the user's view, that works properly, etc... The work of a web application developer is not normally seen by users who browse the Internet, but without them, the Internet would not exist.

Be a web programmer is a profession with a lot of demand and, if you are good and know what you do, this job can bring you many benefits. Today, which company doesn't have a web page? A website is the best way for your customers to learn more about you and, above all, your services. This means that, if you're able to control the most in-demand languages and the most useful, you'll be able to get the most out of web application development and get a well-paid job

What are the most commonly used programming languages for web development?

In the world of web development, the creation of web pages and applications is made possible by various web languages web programming. There are some who take care of giving functionality to the page, for example, allowing you to be redirected to another part of that page or different when you click on a button. Others simply decorate the page so that it is attractive and gives a good impression to the user who visits the website.

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Among the programming languages most commonly used for web development are found:

PHP: This is a programming language which has free use. It is highly demanded and used in web programming, because nowadays it is very rare to find a web portal that does not have this language. It acts on the server side and allows the creation of dynamic websites. The main ones advantages of PHP are:

  • It does not need to be compiled in order to be used.
  • It will allow you to work with a large number of databases (with which you can, among other things, create forms).
  • PHP has a very large and active community of which can get very useful information for your web projects.

Javascript: Another widely used language for web page development it's Javascript, which allows you to perform actions on your website that you could hardly do with other programs. Among the advantages of JavaScript we can say:

  • JavaScript does not require compilation, so it runs in the browser directly.
  • It is a object-oriented language fast, powerful, reliable and very safe
  • It is also used to create dynamic and interactive websites with him user.
  • Like PHP, Java web development also runs server side, however, JavaScript is a lot safer than PHP environment.

Phyton: The main advantages of Python is that it is a multi-paradigm language Back end object-oriented. It is very flexible, simple and intuitive to learn. This makes his code generation very readable and pleasing to the eye developer. In addition, it is a very flexible language .

Python, despite being a very good option for web development, also allows the development of desktop applications and video games, among other things.

ASP.net: It is a language created by Microsoft with the aim of create dynamic and interactive websites. At the same, PHP and Javascript, also runs on the server side. However, being from Microsoft, we are not talking about a cross-platform language, nor an open source language, so you'll pay if you want to use it. There are several languages ​​to implement ASP among which are C # and Visual Basic Script. If you know them have a distinct advantage in ASP.net. Among the main advantages of ASP.net are found:

  • Like JavaScript, it does not require compilation to be used.
  • It has previously created personalized codes which can help create new projects.

What is a web framework?

A framework is a structure that contains a set of customizable tools that allows us to perform the webpages in a more comfortable, faster and simple way.

A framework contains the functionality needed to do one or more specific tasks, allowing the programmer to be more efficient. This, by having the frameworks, can focus on the problem you want to solve, without having to re-codify fragments of code that other developers have created.

What are the best PHP for web development frameworks?

Every framework is a world. If you want to choose a framework, you will have to know what needs each one covers. Next, I'll show you some of the best frameworks for the website development, which may be useful for the development of your website:

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Symfony: One of the best PHP frameworks for web development is Symfony. It is a tool that will allow you to create in a very professional, easy and efficient way the project you have in mind. Many users actively publish packages of this framework, so you can find almost everything you want. Many programmers and big projects like Drupal, Laravel or PrestaShop use Symfony to offer their services. Some of features of the framework are:

  • You can install and configure it easily.
  • MIT has license to use it for commercial applications.
  • They have great security in their project. In fact, before launching Symfony 2, SektionEins was commissioned to carry out a security audit.
  • It works with tools such as Capifony (which facilitates the creation of applications) or Composer (which manages the installation of libraries).

Laravel: Laravel is a scalable PHP framework easy to use and very powerful. It also has a very nice and elegant interface, which makes it very comfortable to use. Among the various characteristics of Laravel are found:

  • The ability to interact with databases and cache.
  • Storing data in the cloud.
  • DNS management.
  • It uses Symphony components (which we have seen before).
Image credits to: https://www.syloper.com

CakePHP: The last framework that I drink, but not the least, is CakePHP. This framework, and the like Symphony, has a very active community that regularly publishes packages that allow you to achieve your goals as Web developer. Some of characteristics of CakePHP are:

  • It can be used in subdirectories of websites without just configure web servers.
  • Email components, security, etc…
  • It supports both PHP4 and PHP5
  • It allows you to interact with databases thanks to CRUD.


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