aquatic species endangered

It is sad having to say goodbye to some animals that are in danger of extinction or are already extinct. However, it does not end here, because today there are also many marine species endangered. And that's what I'm here to show you today some of the endangered aquatic species:

1. Vaquita

Vaquita swimming aquatic species endangered

Vaquita is one of the rarest animals in the world Both its appearance and the unlikelihood that you have to meet her. This animal is an expensive example of aquatic species in danger of extinction because they die asphyxiated in illegal fishing nets and are marketed Asian country is, where they are sold for more than $ 100,000. The government of Mexico and CIRVA estor are trying to fight illegal fishing, which sometimes ends in fights. At present are less than 10 vaquitas, So as not to put the necessary measures will lose this special animal.

2. White Shark

Great white shark aquatic species endangered

White shark It is one of the most used to have animals collection pieces. Lives in coastal areas and in warm and temperate waters, but, also your liver oil used for medicinal purposes. This huge animal weighs between 3 and 4 tons and inhabits seas African American, European and. It is known to be an endangered species, but because this is dispersed in animals seas around the world no approach is known remaining copies.

3. Blue Whale

Blue Whale aquatic species endangered

Blue whale It is the largest animal that has ever existed in history (it weighs around 100 tons) and is a marine animal to the brink of extinction because it can be your body fat, bones and meat itself are used (these latter two are used in the kitchen). Currently there are less than 25,000 blue whales. Although not really true, a large cetaceans also called whales.

4. Sea Turtle

Marine turtles aquatic species endangered

Marine turtles are another example of endangered aquatic species. The species which are closest to extinction are the Carey and Lora turtles. Sea turtles reduce their number of specimens due, once again, to humans. These turtles die in fishing nets and humans use it both to sell their own shell and to sell their meat. Luckily, these specimens grow little by little, with about 40,000 specimens now.


aquatic species endangered
Article name
aquatic species endangered
Ranking de especies marinal en peligro de extincion


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