Technological innovations come to stay (2019)

Technological innovations, as you know, are very frequent and very useful for the future development of world civilization. In recent years there have been technological innovations that have revolutionized quite a bit in some aspects and look like they won't leave soon. What's more, the devices I come to present to you today may replace the objects we use today.

Foldable screens on mobile devices

Folding screens is one of the most talked about topics in the world of mobile devices, so if you've been minimally placed on this topic, you'll probably already know them. These screens make the user experience more comfortable when it comes to being able to access a larger or smaller screen according to their needs. For example, when you leave home and keep your mobile in your pocket, the last thing you want is a big screen, because it will be much more complicated to carry the mobile. However, when you get on an airplane for a long trip, you can display the screen of your mobile so you can see a series, a movie or any reproduction with a much larger screen. This greatly enhances the user experience as it can have the perfect mobile size at the perfect time. In addition, if we have the mobile deployed we have the option of having two applications open at the same time, so we can control them at once. This makes us more efficient with our device and is another advantage that makes the user enjoy their purchase more. This is possible thanks to the recent FOLED technology, which allows you to fold a device without letting it run.

Intelligent mirrors

Can you imagine being able to listen to music, send messages or watch your social networks simply by looking and talking to the mirror in which you prepare for your day to day life? This is possible thanks to the technological innovations of intelligent mirrors, which are not new, as they have been developed for some time. These revolutionary mirrors allow you, in a very intuitive way, to connect to Wifi or Bluetooth networks and listen to your songs and watch favorite movies from a variety of streaming services. In addition, these mirrors can be adapted to control parts of your home, such as turning lights on and off. You can also see the weather, the time, your weight, etc ... Intelligent mirrors are increasingly being used in hotels to give an unparalleled experience to customers staying in them.

Widex Evoke Energy Cell

These headphones come from the company Aural Widex Headphones, which are the creators of the first intelligent hearing aids. Widex Evoke Energy Cell is an intelligent hearing aid that does not need a battery to operate, but uses a fuel cell. Widex Evoke Eenergy Cell's fuel cells are the smallest in the world. Just charge it for 20 seconds and... let's go! This Widex Evoke technology can make this incredible revolution work to the maximum for users who use it, and they don't have to be constantly charging them, as their charging takes about a day. With this you will feel that in your hands is one of the best technological innovations in audiology.

Innovaciones tecnológicas que vienen para quedarse
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Innovaciones tecnológicas que vienen para quedarse
Algunas innovaciones tecnológicas que vienen para quedarse
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