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▶ Learn how to install Ubuntu next to Windows 10 (2020)

Learn how to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 (2020)

This time we'll explain how to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 on the same computer, so you can use the one you want when you need it. This installation can be done with Ubuntu or with any Linux distribution.

Download the Linux distribution you want to install

The first thing you need to do is download the .iso file from the Linux distribution that you are going to install next to Windows, in our case, Ubuntu. It is best to download the .iso file from the official distribution website, as it is much more likely to work properly. In our case, we will address and we will download the version that suits us best (I will install version 19.10).

Install the iso on a bootable USB

Now that we have our downloaded iso, to install Linux along with Windows 10, We will install the ISO bootable USB to install it from your computer startup. To do this, utilizareomos one of the many programs to prendrives bootear world. I will use Rufus, which is one of the best known and that causes less problems. It's as simple as downloading it, running it, selecting the iso and hitting "Start". Then press the "Install in ISO Image mode" and the process will start.

Create a partition to install Linux

Now that we have the operating system, do you want to know how to install Ubuntu in 2020?. Well, to begin with we have to create a disk space to install it. To do this, we go to the Windows 10 search bar and type "Create and format hard drive partitions".

Once there, we right click on the hard drive that we want to partition and click on "Reduce volume". A window will be opened and we can select the space that we want to form another partition. We will need to indicate the space in Megabytes (MB). In my case I will put 100000 MB (about 100GB).

Time to install Linux next to Windows 10

Now it's time to install Linux. To do this, turn off the computer and insert the bootable USB into a slot. Turn on your computer and press the key that starts the starter drive selector (usually F11 or F12, but it depends on your motherboard. To view it, search for your motherboard model on the Internet and search the manual).

It is also advisable to enter the BIOS (usually you enter by pressing Delete, F12 or F2 while the loading screen of your computer appears. Otherwise you will need to consult the manual of your motherboard) and disable Windows Secure Boot.

This option prevents non-Windows-owned files from loading during computer startup, in order to prevent viruses and other files that may harm our computer from loading. However, if you don't turn off this option, it may be confused with a corrupted file when you boot your Linux distribution and the system won't allow you to install it.

Once in the boot menu, move with the arrow keys and press Enter on the unit you want to start, in this case, our pendrive.

If the ISO is not damaged and everything works properly, a screen will appear with several options, among which are installing the operating system or try it before installing it. If you've never used Linux distribution you should test it before installing it, because maybe you do not like and prefer to use another.


installing ubuntu next to windows 10

The installation process is very simple. You simply must go through a series of steps, as indicating the distribution of keys on your keyboard (depending on where you live will be one or the other), connect or not to a network, the type of installation you need (normal or low), etc ... The most important option is to press one of the steps in the "Install Linux alongside Windows Boot Manager". This will allow you to install Linux on the partition we have created earlier. After marking this option, we continue the process according to our needs.

installing ubuntu next to windows 10

If you want a more custom installationyou can select "More options" to create and delete partitions on your computer to your as you want. This requires more advanced knowledge.

When you finish with the steps our Linux operating system will be installed alongside Windows without any problem. After the installation it will ask us to restart and after doing so we will see a menu in which we can choose whether to start from Windows or Linux.

What it was not so difficult? Install Ubuntu next to Windows 10 It is very simple, but we must do it. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and above all served 🤗.


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