The 5 best dogs in the world to have as a pet

All will have ever heard the phrase "The dog is the best friend of man" and could not be more true. The dog is one of the animals that most helped man the whole story, but there are dog breeds that are different from others. This time I'll show 5 of the best dogs in the world to have pet.

1. Labrador Retriever

Well, Labrador Retriever " es un perro con un muy buen carácter. Son muy cariñosos, sociables, ágiles y se adapta con facilidad a cualquier entorno, por lo que cumplen con todo lo necesario para ser tu amigo fiel. Por si te lo preguntas, no tienes que tener ningún miedo si tienes otros animales en tu casa o en el lugar donde el vaya a vivir, puesto que los Labrador Retriever no son agresivos con ellos. Son perros muy activos, por lo que necesitan salir a hacer ejercicio físico para tener una adecuada evolución. No comen en exceso por lo que no tienes que preocuparte por cuanta comida le pongas. Además, este perro también puede desempeñar trabajos como hunting dog or rescue people, hunting dog, serve as a guide dog, etc ... This makes the best dog of the world to have as a pet.

Labrador Retriever

2. Golden Retriever

Well, Golden Reetriever " they are undoubtedly one of the best dogs in the world you can have. His love for all people, their intelligence, sociability and their endless desire to play, make them as a member of the family. Although you like being surrounded by people and animals, they can be aggressive with other animals, so we must follow some tips (like holding the dog on a leash). They not usually bark and can adapt to any environment. Are companion dogs easy to train and hunting dogs, So it is a very good combination if you like to hunt.

Golden Retriever

3. German Shepherd

Well, German Shepherd They are one of the most popular breeds and other the best dogs in the world. They can become very affectionate and loyal to their owners, but you have to teach them and educate them since childhood. They can if you do not, become aggressive with people. On the other hand, they have to be actively trained, as this is critical for future development. If you get to have healthy and happy, you get a sidekick.

They are trained and trained dogs for rescue operations and to work with the army.

Imagen Pastor aleman

4. Pug

Another of the best dog breeds are the Pugs. They are sociable with other dogs, but do not feel any fear about dogs that are bigger than him. This is necessary to watch him, because they can be fights. To avoid this, it is best to raise him since he is a puppy. I decided to put this race between best dogs of the world because they are much quieter than other breeds. They don't bark and they're the best dogs for kids, as they are often get along pretty well with people, included with the little ones. Despite being calm, they are playful, so you can spend fun moments with them.

Imagen perro pug

5. Maltese

Well, Maltese " son intelligent dogs, Playful and very affectionate, although it can sometimes be aggressive. They need a good education if you want are not problematic. No need to be very active, but enjoy much estándolo. Are Very small dogs, sociable and obedient, so normally you will not have any problems with people who live with him. Can teach behaviors, tricks, etc ... The Maltese is without doubt the dogs best companies you can have in your home.

Imagen perro maltés

Top 5 dogs in the world
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