5 Pets easy to care for and their cares

Usually to have a healthy and strong pet requires a lot of time and money. However, there are some that you can have in perfect health without spending a fortune and without having to keep an eye on them all day. If you want to know what are some of the easy to care pets and their care read this article.


hamster pets easy to care for

Well, Hamsters " are a clear example of easy-to-care pets as everyone can take care of it and keep it without investing much time and money and is a pretty affectionate animal. Hamsters are good pets for children and very common among families. As a curiosity, some hamster breeds are quite intelligent, as they are able to react by hearing their name.

These friendly and affectionate rodents are very small (between 5 and 10 cm), but they need a spacious cage as they are hyperactive and need ample space to move as they please. These pets should need many toys (such as the well-known hamster wheel) to entertain and exercise their body in various ways.

In terms of food it would be best to buy food for hamsters in any animal store beacuse this has everything necessary for its growth. However, it's also good that you give it pieces of fruit and vegetables because it benefits them and they like them. Sweet or fatty foods in large amounts could adversely affect their development.

This animal is very important that it does not lack water, so you must have a drinking fountain with renewed water every day.

It is necessary that you provide a place to sleep inside the cage. You can do it with a paper box to which you can shape it home, cave, etc ... or just leave it alone.

You need adding a substrate to the cage that will keep your hamster clean and will have fun rummaging. You also have to constantly clean the cage and take the opportunity to replace the substrate.

Keep your hamster away from the direct sun, drafts and dangerous objects. We must be careful with the objects you have around, because he loves to gnaw and bite everything is at your fingertips.

Images of hamsters and their names


easy-care pet birds

Well, Birds " are one of the most popular pets in the world. They take up little, do not require much attention and need not invest heavily in their care, so if you want are easy to care for pets, this is a great option. In addition to great companions, some pet birds are very intelligent and are able to learn their name, react by listening to them, and there are even birds that talk and sing. There are birds of very varied colors and sizes, such as parrots or parakeets.

The cage should be located in places where average temperatures have. Not good extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures.

Birds apart from their birdseed, they can eat fruits and vegetables. From time to time and you can even put candy will probably find in the store where you buy the birdseed.

We must also include a toy inside the cage to be entertained, to promote learning and exercising your body.

Images of domestic birds and their names


Well, Fishes " pets are very inexpensive and many people would produce tranquility.

Before you buy, you must decide if you want them in a bowl or an aquarium (A fish tank is smaller and tends to keep fish in cold water while an aquarium is much larger than a fish tank and, thanks to the possible integration of water temperature regulators, there may be hot and cold water fish inside). If you have large open spaces, it is much more decorative and beautiful to have an aquarium with one or more species of fish. The aquariums can be decorated in an incredible way, giving your house a unique touch. However, if you don't have a large space you can buy a fish tank (which is smaller and therefore more mobile than an aquarium) and put in its interior several fish (small and cold water).

After you are having chosen all you need is quite frequently change the water to the tank (Which should have a consistent chemical parameters to the type of fish or fish you wish to protect) and feed them several times a day (The amount depends on the type of fish and its size).

Throw in a toy for fun

The only drawback is the noise that can get to do, So you have to keep in mind that birds choose depending on where you live.

Fish for freshwater aquarium and their names


pet rabbit easy to care for

Well, Rabbits " are generally very gentle with people, they do not take up much space and if you take confidence with them get a great friend. Its size is much higher than the hamster, another rodent which we discussed earlier (a rabbit can be up to half a meter). In addition, pets are easy to care for both costs and time. This makes it a perfect animal for a home. This animal and is a member of the family in many homes.

A rabbit cage should be much larger than the animal so that it can move comfortably. The surface of this cover should be kept clean substrate rabbit and hay.

These animals eat hay (Which also serves to wear down their teeth so they do not grow too) vegetables of many kinds (Carrot and celery, for example) and Animal feed which brings everything needed for growth.

Rabbits, like hamsters, must make a constant exercise. You can get it through toys or leaving out some time out of the cage every day.

You need to brush his hair twice a week (if you have a very long hair daily or almost daily). Otherwise, to brush his hair could swallow and could have problems.

Like the hamster, it must be kept away from any dangerous objects that may gnawe or bite.

Images of rabbits and their names


The turtles They are another good choice if you want easy to care for pets. Do not make noise, they do not need a large space and therefore do not need a lot of expenses on our part. There are two types of turtles, tortoises land and water turtles. In this case I chose the tortoise because they live much longer (tortoises can live more than 100 years) and we enjoy it much longer.

You need a terrarium or container to take care of the same dimensions, which depend on the size of your turtle (tortoises are between 5 cm and 70 cm). This must be coated sheets. You can also add stones to be up there.

Tortuguera When you have the list, you must place it in a place with direct sunlight and blanketing with substrate you can find in a pet shop.

Les is needed shelter to sleep. Refuge you can place a cardboard box or buy your one in a pet shop.

As for your diet You can give fruits, vegetables, and special food for turtles. You must put them one water area so they can bathe.

Images of tortoises and their names


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