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▶ The world's most expensive materials and their uses

The most expensive materials of the world and their uses

In the world there are thousands of minerals that can become extremely rare, and therefore are very expensive materials. Many people think that there aren't mineral more expensive than diamond and that diamond is the hardest to find ore, but they are very wrong (it is one of the most expensive but not the most). Today we show you what they are the world's most expensive materials and their uses.

1. Antimatter

" Antimatter " it's the most expensive material in the world. This substance costs about $62.5 billion per milligram. This is because is very difficult to obtain this substance and the machinery is so expensive. Today antimatter is not used, but antiparticles are used in medicine and other professions (an antiparticle is a particle whose sign electrical charge is contrary). These are for the detection of cancer through the transmission of positrons). In the future, the anti-matery will be a fuel capable of carrying less than 20 milligrams a rocket to Mars.

2. Californio

Another one from the world's most expensive substances is Californio (Cf)Belonging to the actinides. A single gram of this material can cost 30 million dollars. There is not a high demand because of their toxicity and of course, its price, so you usually will not see any collector with this valuable piece. The 252-Cf isotope is used to provide electrons in the oil industry and in medical research (for example, to treat cancer), among others.

3. Grandidierite

Grandidierite the most expensive minerals in the world
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Their colors are a mix of blue, green and yellow, they are quite hard and have a lot of luminescence. This valuable mineral was found by Alfred Grandidier and is almost exclusive to Madagascar. It is used mainly in jewelry, although there are some statues that have. This is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world, even more than diamond. This is because the grandidierite It is a very rare gemstone found (can cost up $ 35,000 per carat, So it is certainly another of most expensive materials in the world .

4. Diamond

If you do not know this valuable mineral, probably you do not know any other on this list. As I have said before the diamond is one of the most expensive minerals in the world, but not the most expensive. As many of you will know, the diamond is the hardest mineral in the world. And therefore it is used for industrial purposes polishing, boring and cutting, among others. The diamond is also widely used in jewelry for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc ... Another use of this mineral is in the computer to coat some internal parts of the computer. Its value depends on several factors, such as its brightness.

5. Tritium

Tritium the most expensive minerals in the world
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" Tritium " is an isotope of natural radioactive hydrogen produced in the laboratory by bombardment with neutrons of targets of lithium, boron or nitrogen. This costly material is worth around $ 30,000 gram. This expensive material is a very common in malls, theaters or other establishments, that will create the signals luminescent as the “Output”. Tritium is also used as a fuel to promote nuclear energy.

6. Plutonium

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Plutonium (Pu) is a radioactive element that belongs to the actinides. It is a very heavy and very little volatile material, but good conductor of both heat and electricity. Plutonium has 16 isotopes, which are used for different functions. Plutonium-239 is used as nuclear fuel and for the creation of nuclear weapons and plutonium-238 is used with spatial and medicinal purposes. The price of this dangerous and at the same time useful material is about 4,000$ per gram .


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