The best Linux distributions 2020

Linux is a set of open source operating systems, so anyone with programming knowledge can modify them and create a new distribution, catering to specific needs.

When choosing which ones are the best linux distributions For your needs, the question always skips. ¿What's the best Linux for my pc? Well, first we must consider the specifications of the computer in which we will install. If your computer or laptop is very old, some Linux distributions as Ubuntu are not recommended since they probably are not going to get a good experience.

That's why I've decided to create this article to show you what are the best Linux 2020 distributions low-end, mid-range and high-end computers.

Linux distributions for low-end computers (Light Linux Distributions)

1) TinyCore: The most lightweight Linux distribution

TinyCore is the lighter Linux distribution. Default installation occupies only 16MB of storage and can be used on computers with Pentium 2 or higher. In addition this operating system can be installed with 32-bit or 64-bit uses only 64MB of RAM, making it one the best operating system for old computers we have in the cellar for 15 years and barely reach the GB of RAM. Obviously, if you want to install additional packages, increase disk space and RAM, but certainly all light linux distributions, this is best suited for this type of computer. Download TinyCore

tinycore lighter distribution of linux

2) Lubuntu: The most popular distribution in low-end computers

Lubuntu is another best linux distributions of 2020Because it is one of the Linux distributions light more computers used in low-profile, either processor, RAM or both. This distribution is based on Ubuntu and, according to the official website of Lubuntu, until 1410 this distribution version can be installed on a Pentium 2 or Celeron 256MB onwards. However, from the version 15.04 it is advisable to have a 1GB of RAM. They are characteristics that most computers, even if they are old, met smoothly. This is the best linux for pentium 3 Download Lubuntu

The most popular distribution in low-end computers

Linux distributions for mid-range computers

1) Linux Mint: The best distro for beginners

Linux Mint is the best linux distro users who are being introduced to Linux. It's a Linux distribution similar to Windows because its interface looks a lot like it, so performing the daily tasks will not bring you headaches. It is based on Ubuntu and this operating system on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Many users think that this is the best Linux version for beginners.

Its requirements are a little more demanding than the previous two, but we can still include it among the light linux distributions, because most computers can support it without problems.

The installation requirements are as follows:

Minimum requirements:


15 GB of storage available

Recommended Requirements:

2 GB of RAM

20 GB of storage available

Download Linux Mint

Linux Mint: The best choice for inexperienced users

2) Manjaro: The best linux distribution 2020 after Linux Mint

Manjaro is an operating system based on Arch-Linux which focuses on developing software that allows you to do all the tasks that a standard user performs and on getting the computer of any client to get a good performance. He deserves a place in the best 2020 linux distributions because, like Linux Mint, it is a very good option to enter Linux territory, since it has an interface very similar to Windows. Your requirements are not at all demanding, you will only need 1 GB of RAM, a 1GHz processor and 30 GB of available storage. Download Manjaro

Manjaro Linux distribution

Computer Linux distributions 2GB of RAM and up

1) Ubuntu

Ubuntu is known worldwide and for many it the best linux of all. This distribution is based on Debian. It's one of the linux operating systems most popular and therefore one of the most downloaded. It has a very active forum, so you'll probably find an answer to all your problems. In addition to its active community, Ubuntu performs constant security updates, making it a fairly secure distribution, making it another candidate for best linux distros by 2020.

However, this linux distribution still has small mistakes that can drive those who use it out of more technical scopes, although it doesn't take away from it being a best linux distros of 2020.

Ubuntu is a server operating systems quite used, so if you're interested in doing one, you should learn more about it

If you want install Linux on your computer, at least you need a 700 MHz processor 64 bits, 1 GB of RAM and 10 GB hard drive. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to have the minimum requirements neither for this nor for the others Linux distributions , as we may not get a good experience or not be able to use some features of the distribution. It is recommended you have a processor from 1 GHz x64 onwards, 2GB of RAM onwards and 20GB hard drive. Download Ubuntu

2) Debian: The best linux 2020 distro for servers

Debian is one of the best linux operating systems of 2020, among other things, because it is one of the most used and stable that exist. One advantage in Debian's favor is that it is available on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

The drawback of this operating system is that if you really want to take advantage you need to have more experience on Linux, since you can install it in graphic mode or text mode. If you don't have much idea about the Linux console, it is not recommended at all that you install the text interface, since you will not know how to handle yourself well. If this is your case, you should install it in graphical mode, in which you will have something very similar to Ubuntu in terms of aesthetics.

Debian is another Linux distributions for servers, since in text-like interface it consumes few resources and its numerous packages make it very functional.

Requirements to install Debian are to have a processor Pentium 4 1 Ghz, 256 Mb of RAM and 10 GB of available storage.

Download Debian

The best Linux distributions 2020
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The best Linux distributions 2020
Las mejores distribuciones de Linux 2020 1) Linux Mint 2) Manjaro 3) Debian 4) Ubuntu 5) Lubuntu 6) Tiny Core
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