The rarest mobiles in history

In the world of technology, mobiles are generally rectangular and with a fairly formal design. However, there are mobile phones so rare and with such a striking design that you'll be amazed. This article will teach the rarest mobiles in history.

Motorola Flipout Phone

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Image of a Motorola Flipout

Well, Motorola Flipout Phone " was released to the public in June 2010. It is one of the rarest mobiles ever due to its 67 x 67 cm square screen and its QWERTY drop-down keyboard. These two factors broke with the traditional model of those times, so they distinguished this mobile from any other. With a square rather than rectangular shape, this phone is very comfortable to wear, as it greatly reduced the space. However, navigating day by day on that very small cell phone ends up being very uncomfortable and being smaller requires that the thickness be increased. This terminal was released to the market for 200 euros, making it a cheap mobile .

Cobra Boucheron Vertu

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Image of a Cobra Boucheron Vertu

Launched in 2006 and also known as Vertu Cobra Signaute, is one of the most expensive phones on the market. With a value of approximately $360,000 you'll think this device is literally from another world. No, this terminal has almost all the characteristics of the competitors of the time. The difference that causes this exorbitant value comes from the expensive material it is made. The Vertu Boucheron Cobra consists of 439 rubies, 2 emeralds, gold and diamonds.

Nokia 7600

Nokia 7600 los móviles más raros del mundo
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Image of a Nokia 7600

Well, Nokia 7600 " was released in 2003 and broke with the rectangular shape of the devices and with the order of the buttons on the keyboard. It consists of pointed circular edges and its buttons surround the tip screen. The dimensions of the phone are 87 x 78 x 19 mm and its screen of 128 x 160 pixels consists of two inches. It was one of the first Nokia mobiles to access 3G networks . It was, however, a phone is very expensive as it cost around 500 dollars. The usability of this mobile is quite uncomfortable due to the layout so strange and rare buttons.


Siemens Xelibri 6

Siemens Xelibri 6 movi con forma de concha
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Image of a Siemens Xelibri 6

This device was launched in 2003. Its revolutionary form shell is what makes the Siemens Xelibri 6 is among the rarest mobile phones in history. It has on the cover a mirror in whose center there is a screen of 101 x 80 pixels and at the bottom has the keys, which surround a smaller mirror located in the center. It weighs 89 grams and has two mirrors. This is definitely a mirror designed for women.

Blackberry Passport

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Image of a Blackberry Passport

The phone Blackberry Passport was released in September 2014. It has a screen square 4.5-inch touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard on bottom. This makes its dimensions (128 × 90.3 mm × 9.3 mm) to give a form of the passport, from which he inherited his name. The drawback of this revolutionary model is that it does not you can handle it with comfort, because with a weight of almost 200g and a width of over 90mm this cell it is very difficult to carry and use with one hand. Its initial price was from 669 € for what was a mobile phone very expensive.


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