As mobile transfer photos to your computer

If you're one of those people who spends all day taking a photo, you'll probably have the gallery completely full. You may have chosen to delete poorly made photos, but after doing so several times, you have noticed that all the ones you have are not interested in losing them. One of the best solutions and the reason you're probably here is pass your photos to the computer. It does not pose a great job and there are various ways of achieving this. How to transfer photos from phone to your computer?

How to pass Photos from Android to PC using a cable

This is the most classic way to transfer photos from mobile to pc. Solo necesitamos un cable USB, el cual viene en muchos dispositivos móviles a modo de cargador. Si tu dispositivo móvil no vino con ningún cable USB, puedes comprar uno en alguna tienda o comprarlo por Internet a pocos euros.

Ahora tendremos que conectar el móvil al PC mediante el mismo cable del cargador. To do this you will have to change an option on your device which will make your PC allow you to do with your mobile what you want, in this case, transfer photos. To do this, you'll be in the notification bar a message that will tell you that your device is connected via USB to another terminal.

Dispositivo conectado por usb

If you click on that message you will see something similar to this:

You'll see these three options, and the one that says "No data transfer" will be selected. If you only want to transfer your images, you will have to press the option "Transfer photo (PTP)". This way your PC will detect your phone and, thanks to that option, it will only detect your photos.

Afterwards, all you have to do is cut the photos you want to remove from your phone (Select the photos you want and tap Right Click -> Cut), Go to the location where you want to store your PC and press Right click -> Paste. This way you can import photos from iphone and android to pc without Wifi connection and in a very simple way.

How to pass photos from mobile to computer with Google Photos

Another method to pass photos from mobile to computer is through Google Photos. With this program, apart from being able to pass photos, you can access them at all times and you can give them security, since they are protected in the cloud.

To do this, we'll have to download the app from the Play Store or the App Store. Once downloaded, open it, log in and go to the three lines to the left of the Seeker -> settings -> Backup and Synchronization -> Choose High Quality (which has unlimited storage) or Original (that will be deducted space in your account in the cloud). Once that's done, enter in with your computer and from there you will be able to download them without problems.

How to pass the photos of the mobile to the computer using WIFI File Transfer (Android)

Another possibility to transfer photos to your computer mobile wireless
is with WIFI File Transfer. We can move our images to our computer with a simple application on our mobile phone, with a web browser in our computer and with a WIFI connection. The only drawback is that this app only works with Android devices:

Install the app WIFI File Transfer on your phone from the Play Store. It has a free version and a paid version for 0.99 euros. I've tried it for free and, personally, it goes great, but if you're interested in paying, it can give you some advantage.

Once inside the application, press Start and you A popup window will appear with a numerical URL which have to enter it in the browser you prefer. In doing so, you'll see an very simple with all the files on your phone's web.

If you want to move your images to the computer, in case you want to download the photos that you made with the camera, you must go to My Photos -> Camera and once there, select all of the photos you want to download and click the button that says Download.

In case you want to download images from another application (like the images sent to you by Whatsapp, Facebook, etc...) you should check the navigation routes of each one of them. Example: To see the images you've received on Whatsapp you'll need to go to Whatsapp-> Media -> Whatsapp Images and there appear all.


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