The fungus and the rarest plants in the world: names and characteristics

In the animal kingdom there are living beings that can leave you with your mouth open, either by the way you are or by your appearance. However, this also happens in the plant kingdom, as there are plant species you'd never think they could exist. And today I'm going to talk to you about about the world's fungus and rarest plants.

1. Rafflesia Arnoldi

" Rafflesia Arnoldi " it is a plant that has very strange flowers. This reddish flower grows only on the roots of the trees of Indonesia's wet forests and is listed as the biggest flower in the world (it can weigh more than 10 kilos). It gives off an aroma that is very unpleasant for humans, due to the foul smell that it expels. That annoying smell helps them attract scavenger pollinating insects looking for decaying living things. This exotic plant it only shows its flower, as its other parts are located inside the floor. For these simple reasons I place it as the first among the rarest plants in the world.

2. Welwitschia mirabilis

Welwitschia mirabilis most amazing plants in the world
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Welwitschia mirabilis it is the name of a plant endemic to the Namibian desert, so this species normally needs extremely high temperatures for proper development. If you can get it to grow in a city or environment with normal temperatures, you can feel proud. Because of where it blooms, we should not overwater it. Apart from its physique, it is a very strange and peculiar plant because of the way it feeds when it lives without human help. You may be wondering. Where do the Welwitschia mirabilis that are in the desert get the water? The answer is very easy and amazing. These exotic plants get the water thanks to the mist and they do it through cells that allow the transfer of gases, which are found in the leaves and are called stomata. This plant can live up to 2000 years.


3. Hydnellum peckii

" Hydnellum peckii " or or Bleeding tooth fungus are the names of a fungus that grows in America and Europe in the roots of pine trees. This fungus is edible but not recommended due to the unpleasant taste and aroma it possesses. When it is in development, it secretes through its pores a liquid (which functions as an anticoagulant) that can be of various colors (among them is red, which is the one that gives it the name).

4. Wolffia Arrhiza

Wolffia arrhiza the rarest plants in the world
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" Wolffia Arrhiza " or or Duckweed, are the name this plant, which is by far the smallest plant in the world (measure one centimeter or less). This tiny yellowplant grows in Europe, Asia and North America, so you probably already know it. It is evergreen and hermaphrodite and usually lives in watery, sandy places near swamps. Being in swamps, if you want to have this plant, you should not forget the watering often and or put it in isolated places in sunlight. It is used as food for both animals and people (in Asian meals). It is reproduced by cloning.


5. Dragon blood tree

" Dragon blood tree " or " Dracaena cinnabari or are the names that belong to this amazing tree, which takes place in Spain, Indonesia, India and Arabia. This tree is 10 meters long and is the only one whose wisdom is red, hence the word "blood" in its name. In medieval eras, these trees were said to be dragons, hence the other part of their name. The wisdom of this tree has medicinal properties. It has a burly trunk and branches outwards, making its cup shell-shaped. This tree must be planted in warm places and does not need to be watered much for proper development.

The rarest plants in the world
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The rarest plants in the world
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