The rarest animals in the world that sure did not know

In the world there are species that are at first sight spectacular, either for their physique or for their character. However, there are others that, being unknown or physically strange, give you something to think about. In this article I will show you the rarest animals in the world that sure did not know..

1. Blobfish

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Well, Blobfish ", also known as the ugliest animal in the world, is not a very common animal.". It is not very common. For these reasons I could not avoid inclusion in the rarest animals of the world. It will not have much information about it. This is because living in deep areas of the Pacific Ocean, where it is very difficult to study. Thanks to having a less density than water, this animal moves floating, since no muscles. It feeds by opening his mouth and swallowing everything that comes in its path.

2. Starry nose mole

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Well, Starry nose mole is a clear example of the rarest animals in the world. The starry-nosed mole is characterized by having a very special exclusive nose, formed by glands that are arranged in the shape of a star. Their nose is the most sensitive extremity found in the animal kingdom. It leaves in America, in the humid and lowlands. Another special quality is that can smell underwater through bubbles that exhale and inhale.

3. Water Bear (Tardigrade)

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See a water bear naked eye is completely impossible because they are microscopic animals, so we have to use scientific instruments to observe power. According to experts, water bear or tardigrade It is the more resilient of the world. This is due, among other things, it is immune to x-rays thanks to a protein they possess and to the fact that withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. The tardigrade can survive any catastrophe, so scientists assume that only die when the sun dies. His physique, which you see in the picture, and these characteristics, place him in one of the rarest animals in the world.

4. Eel shark

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Well, Eel shark is characterized by being the only shark that has not evolved anything since its inception. They have called it a living fossil. It is also the oldest prehistoric shark still alive today. They mainly eat squid and cephalopods, although if food is scarce they can eat much larger prey. This animal is in danger of extinction according to the IUCN (If you want to see my article on animals in danger of extinction click aqui).

5. The slug ninja of Borneo

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It was discovered in Malaysia and is also called cupid slug. Characterized by its long tail, which is much larger than the rest of his body. In the reproduction, the female throws some darts of carbonated calcium to the male she wants as a couple. This also helps increase her fertility. The female can lay huge amounts of eggs in a short time.

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The rarest animals in the world that sure did not know
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