The highest paid jobs in Spain

What are the highest paid careers? What are the highest-paid jobs? What's the highest-paid job? If you're planning which job to choose or what to continue studying, you've probably asked yourself one of these questions. If you live in Spain and have not decided which way to follow or you are simply here out of curiosity, I show you the best paid jobs in Spain.

Plane Pilot

piloto de avion el trabajo mejor pagado de España

The best paid job in Spain is being airline pilot and one of the world's highest-paid jobs. However, it is also one of the most complicated jobs. To be an aviation pilot, you must have a high capacity for concentration, know how to make the best decisions as soon as possible, be in both physical and mental form, etc... This is because, as you can imagine, the pilot, when taking control of an aircraft, has hundreds of lives in his hands, so he must know when, how, where and why to act. In addition, pilot courses are usually quite expensive, so you'll need to be willing to spend a lot of money if you want to devote yourself to this, because you get ownership to fly a plane can cost up to 75,000 €. The soil of a pilot is between € 40,000 and € 200,000 per year.

Air traffic controller

This job, closely linked to the previous job, is another of the best paid jobs in Spain. We need more and more air traffic controllers day after day because there is more and more air traffic and, therefore, there have to be people capable of controlling them. Like being a pilot, being an air traffic controller involves a great deal of responsibility, as one mistake could result in the deaths of hundreds of people. To be an air traffic controller you will need a great capacity of concentration, to be able to do multiple tasks at the same time, to know how to work without problems under pressure, etc... These complex reasons are what make being an air traffic controller one of the better paid jobs and they can win about € 200,000 per year.



surgeon the best paid jobs in Spain

Surgeon are another example of better paid jobs in Spain. This is due to how difficult it is to be able to become, due to the extensive studies that you have to perform. It also is a great responsibility, as a bad performance can result in the patient's death and that is something that many people are not able to commit to. The average salary of a surgeon is up to € 160,000 per year and to do so will have, among other things, to study medical career.

Property Registrar

The work of a property registrar is another the highest-paid trades. As the name says, it is to make a record of the properties and record movable and immovable property which is inside and register the rights that fall on them. For property registrar you need to have a degree or extent Rights and perform quite complex opposition, so it is not an easy job to get. However, every effort has its reward, and that this work can win up to $150,000 a year.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

To finalize the list of the highest paid jobs in Spain we have the registrar of property. CEO or Chief Executive Officer is a job of great responsibility and has an essential role to lead a company forward. A CEO is responsible for guiding, coordinating, organizing, controlling and planning the various departments for visions strategies have in mind are possible to create, so that benefit the company. A bad decision of these workers can reach the failure of the company. CEOs can expect to earn around € 120,000 a year.